Floor illusions is a sunshine coast based business with over x19 years direct industry experience in every aspect of resinous flooring and concrete remediation. We can facilitate any flooring project, regardless of size.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions (fAQs)

Epoxy flooring systems are made up of two main components – resins and hardeners.  They are mixed together, where they chemically react to form a rigid plastic like material that is extremely strong, resistant to degradation and that bonds exceptionally well to its prepared substrate. 

Mechanical polished concrete or MPC is achieved by grinding the concrete surface with diamond tooling to reveal or expose the aggregate within the slab. New and existing concrete can be ground & polished to reveal full exposure, medium or very minimal exposure of the aggregates. Using a chemical densification & re-grouting process, we refine the surface with progressively finer diamonds to produce a high-gloss, satin or matte finish. There is no topical coating to discolour or peel. MPC is hypoallergenic & easy to maintain.

Honed concrete is a process that has been mechanically ground with our grinding equipment to expose the desired amount of aggregate within the slab. Like MPC, New and existing concrete can be honed to reveal minimal, medium or full exposure of the aggregates. Honed concrete exhibits good slip-resistance, stain resistance and durability. Typically a honed finish is suitable for outdoor living areas, pool surrounds, patios, driveways, and other traffic-heavy areas. 

Polyurethane cement or P.U. flooring is a combination of a polymer binder (urethane) and fillers (cement and quartz aggregates). This flooring system is best suited to high traffic areas like commercial kitchens, butchers & seafood production as they need to be extremely durable, long-lasting and highly resilient to chemicals & thermal shock. They are generally installed between 6-9mm thick. Polyurethane cement floors are well known for their longevity, chemical & temperature resistance.

Epoxy flooring systems are formulated and installed based on the customers exact requirements . When correctly installed, Epoxies produce an extremely hard, chemical, oil and solvent resistant finish. The end result can have a non-slip finish & there are endless colour and texture options to suit any decor or space. We can also supply and install water-based and Green Star/ low VOC  coatings with low odour and no harmful emissions.

Our finished floors are easy to keep clean and they don’t harbour bacteria or dust. ( very useful for asthma sufferers). Generally speaking you should sweep and vacuum the entire floor area, then use warm water with a micro-fibre mop. If you do need to use a cleaner make sure it is PH neutral, some general floor cleaners may be too acidic or aggressive on the floor finish.

Depending on what flooring system you choose & the size of your project there are varying preparation times, Curing times and traffic-able access periods. Ranging from 3-4 hours and up to x7 days, but generally speaking most floors are completed in 2-4 days.

These floors are usually epoxy or polyurethane based & are generally installed internally. Flake floors contain decorative coloured chips or flakes laid within the epoxy resin layers to help build thickness to the system as well as also providing a decorative finish & light texture that can ensure anti-slip qualities. With correct UV stable resins, these systems can safely be installed externally.

Concrete resurfacing products are technically known as a ‘polymer modified cement based coating’ & they are designed as a decorative finish for new & existing concrete surfaces. Spray-on resurfacing compounds penetrate and bond rigidly to the existing concrete substrates and help to create a beautiful coloured, textured & stylish surface with excellent durability and abrasion resistance

These premium finishes are one of a kind & tailored to the clients project area. Our Deck-crete overlay and faux sandstone overlays are achieved using concrete resurfacing products. Each plank of wood or sandstone tile is individually hand taped, textured & designed. The overlay product is then sealed with a variety of solvent acrylic or polyurethane topical resins to achieve a satin or gloss finish.

We are a QBCC licensed contractor & you will have peace of mind knowing that your project is in trusted & qualified hands. Generally a 1-year warranty on products and workmanship are given on all our flooring systems but additional manufacturer warranties can be discussed & implemented if required.

Epoxy radius coving is created using an epoxy resin which is combined with finely screened aggregates to create a workable mortar. This is then installed against an aluminium trim that is fixed to the wall perimeter of the area. Coving generally has to be a minimum of 75mm high to comply with OH&S requirements.The purpose of epoxy coving is to aid in cleaning & to ensure water is moved away from the floor/wall junction. Epoxy radius coving is a must for any commercial areas including kitchen floors, wash bays, café floors and most food preparation areas.

We will always mechanically diamond grind the surface using our state of the art husqvarna grinders and H-class dust extraction. This process is absolutely essential as it removes the soft upper crust (laitance) and creates a mechanical key in the surface that our products can physically adhere to. In some cases, we may also pressure clean/ degrease a floor. This would be most common in heavily oil stained floors (automotive workshops for example) where, if not properly removed, the coatings will not penetrate effectively into the concrete.


Firstly, what’s the main outcome for the floor? Are you looking to protect the existing concrete & make spills easier to clean, are you wanting a decorative finish to give your showroom that wow factor or do you need slip resistance….these are all questions essential for us to determine a suitable finish tailored to the needs of your business.

AS2700 colours are commonly used and there are a handful of ‘readily available’ colours that our suppliers hold stock of at short notice. Custom colours and textures can be discussed but may experience a longer manufacturing period. Please find some of our colour charts & PDF information forms on our website.

We use only the highest quality H-class HEPA-rated vacuum cleaners available on the market attached to our grinders, as well as the use of air scrubbers when required to ensure a safe workspace for our staff & customers. 

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