Floor illusions is a sunshine coast based business with over x19 years direct industry experience in every aspect of resinous flooring and concrete remediation. We can facilitate any flooring project, regardless of size.



Commercial epoxy & polyurethane cement floors encompass high-performance flooring systems suited predominantly for the commercial sector, including but not limited to high-performance polyurethane cement kitchen/ butcher / brewery & cold room floors, rapid cure & MMA coatings suitable for carparks & wash bays, hard wearing epoxy floors for sectors covering aviation, mechanical workshops, fitness centres & more.

Whether it’s a new build or renovation, one thing is for sure, you need highly durable flooring. Floor illusions understand the high demand placed on commercial flooring environments & what they must withstand including: exposure to hot oils, boiling water & hot washing, caustic chemicals & cleaning products, abrasion by moveable trolley/ processing equipment and pedestrian traffic. These are just a few scenarios of what a commercial floor may need to withstand. Polyurethane cement or Epoxy flooring is the ideal solution. 

We understand the compliance needed around OH&S guidelines and local council/ food safety requirements in the hospitality industry. Correctly installed polyurethane cement floors & commercial epoxy flooring create a dense seamless finish that has low-porosity which eliminates many common flooring issues with traditional systems like tiles & vinyl flooring which have grout lines, joins/welds etc. Our completed polyurethane cement flooring system has a thickness of approximately 6-9mm which ensures heavy abrasion resistance, great thermal shock properties & good impact resistance from items  like knives, pots/ pans or mixing equipment. Essentially the floor can withstand light damage before the actual flooring system is compromised. Non-slip is usually incorporated into our flooring systems as this is the foundation of safety in a wet, fast-paced environment like a commercial kitchen or seafood production facility.

Advantages & Benefits of POLYURETHANE CEMENT & commercial epoxy flooring

DURABILITY – Polyurethane cement has high strength, is extremely durable, resistant to high abrasion, thermal shock and impact. Specialist polymer resins and quality graded fillers ensure strength, durability, and longevity. This system is ideal in high-traffic environments.

CHEMICALLY RESISTANT – These systems are chemically resistant to manufacturing chemicals like Acetic acid, Lactic acid and Oleic acid from vegetable and animal fats. As well as Caustics and heavy cleaning solutions which makes it the perfect solution for commercial kitchens, butchers, seafood production, abattoirs and factories. 

THERMAL SHOCK RESISTANCE – Commercial floors can be subject to extreme thermal variations & they require a system specifically designed to withstand such aggressive conditions. The unique filler composition of Polyurethane cement commercial flooring offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures and extreme thermal shock conditions including routine and regular discharges of boiling water and steam.

SLIP RESISTANCE – A safe & efficient working environment is essential to a successful operation. Minimising slips, trips and falls requires design considerations. To meet the required safety standards for staff working in these environments, it is imperative to have a slip-resistant flooring system. Polyurethane cement commercial flooring offers a range of industry standard tested surface profiles. Smooth to highly slip resistant, tailor made to suit every working environment across all industries.

ODOURLESS APPLICATION – Most Polyurethane cement commercial flooring systems are water based, Low VOC & solvent-free. These systems will not taint food or cause issues with public ventilation; it is an odourless system.

HYGIENIC & SAFE SURFACE FINISH – Commercial Flooring systems must be easy to clean and serviceable, especially in a food production or commercial kitchen. It is paramount in many industries that floors do not harbour potentially harmful or dangerous bacteria. Some Polyurethane cement commercial flooring systems are certified by HACCP Australia as a suitable material for floors in food and beverage facilities.

VERSATILITY – Polyurethane cement comes in a wide selection of colours & non-slip profiles to satisfy both aesthetic and functional needs. With its visual versatility, it will suit anyone’s taste.
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