Floor illusions is a sunshine coast based business with over x19 years direct industry experience in every aspect of resinous flooring and concrete remediation. We can facilitate any flooring project, regardless of size.



Floor illusions have concreted a solid reputation on the Sunshine Coast & we specialise in epoxy flooring systems, mechanical polished concrete, commercial epoxy & polyurethane cement systems as well as our custom LUXE finishes. We can help ensure that we specify the best type of flooring system suitable for our customers’ specific needs & the operation of their business.


From initial quotation to final application, we have you covered. We use only the most premium grinding & dust extraction equipment available on the market today. We ensure a sufficient profiled surface every time as we strongly believe correct preparation is the key to any solid, long-lasting outcome.


Our customers may be seeking an epoxy coating to protect their factory floors, falls & coving to correctly drain surface water in a commercial kitchen, a non-slip finish to meet OH&S requirements, food grade or low VOC coatings, mechanically polished concrete to enhance a showroom or architectural space or you could simply want to install a basic textured epoxy flake system to your garage floor, workshop or gymnasium. Regardless of the project, Floor illusions can service our customers on the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane surrounds.

Epoxy Flooring and Resurfacing

Epoxy Flooring & Resurfacing

Epoxy flooring & coatings are basically a plastic-like material that comes from combining 2-part resins and hardeners together. This causes a chemical reaction that forms a durable continuous film coating that hardens & cures in varying gloss levels. The hardening occurs through polymer chains that cross-link together. Epoxy floors are resistant to chemicals, oils, traffic & are very durable when installed correctly. Generally speaking epoxy coatings & flooring systems are installed to give protection from harsh chemicals, solvents, acids and alkalis that would otherwise deteriorate the bare concrete surface. Epoxy flooring can handle repeat abrasion from vehicle traffic & machinery & can be installed with a non-slip finish for wet environments or for OH&S requirements.

Commercial Epoxy & P.U. Cement Floors

Flooring systems tailored towards the commercial sector, including high-performance polyurethane cement kitchen/ butcher / brewery & cold room floors, rapid cure & MMA coatings suitable for carparks & wash bays. Commercial epoxy  incorporates hard wearing epoxy  coatings & flooring systems for sectors covering aviation, mechanical workshops, fitness centres & more.

Whether it’s a new build or renovation, one thing is for sure, you need durable flooring. Floor illusions understand the high demand placed on commercial flooring environments & what they must withstand including: exposure to hot oils, boiling water & hot washing, caustic chemicals & cleaning products, abrasion by moveable trolley/ processing equipment and pedestrian traffic. These are just a few examples of what a commercial floor may need to withstand. Polyurethane cement systems or epoxy flooring may be the ideal solution. 

Commercial Epoxy and P U Cement Floors
Polished and Honed Concrete

Polished & Honed Concrete

Mechanical polished concrete or MPC is one of the most sought-after finishes on the market. Beautiful, yet extremely durable. It’s typically suited as an interior finish in designer homes, showrooms, workshops & high traffic retail spaces. Our honed finishes are mainly suited for exterior areas including driveways, pool surrounds & entertaining areas. 

Floor illusions use state of the art husqvarna machinery, combined with specialist metal & resin bonded diamond tooling, chemicals & sealers. Our grinders pass over the concrete floor approximately x2-3 times initially until the desired amount of aggregate exposure is met. From here we use a proven process of chemical densification & polymer grouting between layers of grinding & polishing to refine the surface filling cracks, divots & pinholes until we meet the clients desired sheen level. Highly reflective, extremely durable & low maintenance, this finish generally lasts 10-15years. Explore further to understand these beautiful finishes in depth.

LUXE Finishes

These unique finishes are completely custom, one of a kind creations like our signature Deck-crete overlay, Sandstone/ Greystone layered resurfacing, Knockdown & hand-stained resurfacing as well as distinctive metallic marble epoxy finishes. These finishes are all tailored & priced to suit each individual project & specific outcome required.

Our decorative LUXE finishes overlays can revitalise your tired, boring grey concrete & transform existing exposed aggregate & miss matched concrete slabs into a stylish, vibrant and eye-catching finish. This spray-on or trowel-applied resurfacing solution is designed as a decorative system to rejuvenate existing concrete to achieve faux stone look  effects, faux timber effects or similar.
Luxe Finishes

Our typical Services Include

Commercial Kitchen flooring

Mechanically Polished Concrete

Honed Concrete

Spray on Concrete resurfacing

Industrial epoxy Coatings

Polyurethane cement flooring

Epoxy Flake Flooring

Floor Re-grading & epoxy coving

Concrete remediation works

Dustless Concrete Grinding​

Anti-microbial systems

Chemical resistant flooring

Anti-static flooring

Rapid cure coatings

MMA flooring systems