Floor illusions is a sunshine coast based business with over x19 years direct industry experience in every aspect of resinous flooring and concrete remediation. We can facilitate any flooring project, regardless of size.

LUXE Finishes

LUXE Finishes

These unique finishes are completely custom, one of a kind creations like our signature Deck-crete overlay, Sandstone/ Greystone layered resurfacing, Knockdown & hand-stained resurfacing as well as distinctive metallic marble epoxy finishes. These finishes are all tailored & priced to suit each individual project & specific outcome required.

Our decorative LUXE finishes overlays can revitalise your tired, boring grey concrete & transform existing exposed aggregate & miss matched concrete slabs into a stylish, vibrant and eye-catching finish. Generally a spray-on finish or trowel-applied concrete resurfacing based product that is designed as a decorative system to rejuvenate existing concrete to achieve faux stone look  effects, faux timber effects or similar.

LUXE finishes also incorporate metallic epoxy systems that will transform your internal concrete areas into a bespoke piece of functional art using metallic pigments suspended in high-quality epoxy resin systems. Each finish is smooth underfoot encompassing decorative swirls & colour variations. A completely one-off design which can be the perfect surface for internal residential & retail applications. Furthermore, with our LUXE finishes you can choose from a range of impactful colours, textures and iridescent effects to make a spectacular statement that’s completely unique to your design.

What exactly is metallic epoxy flooring? Metallic epoxy flooring is acheived by using one or more powdered metallic pigments suspended in epoxy resin to create unique 3D like designs and patterns that are virtually impossible to recreate. Metallic floors can be completed in a choice of satin, gloss or matte finishes. Generally speaking because of the amount of colour & design possibilities with this type of flooring, we may need to create sample boards for customer approval.

  • Limitless design potential 
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Totally unique colours & textures
  • Durable, hard-wearing and long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • UV resistant
  • Customisable slip resistance ( if required) 

You may find your final choice of texture, pattern and or sealer may be influenced by the kind of traffic the particular area will be subjected to and whether there is a need to ensure slip resistance. If you require non-slip on your final project, for a pool surround for example, it is essential the surface installed has a suitable texture. We can help you choose a suitable surface finish that has texture & non-slip properties. Traction aids like aluminium oxide or a grit medium can be added to topical film-forming sealers (please note, these can eventually wear out with constant abrasion and are therefore best suited to low traffic areas).
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