Floor illusions is a sunshine coast based business with over x19 years direct industry experience in every aspect of resinous flooring and concrete remediation. We can facilitate any flooring project, regardless of size.

Polished & Honed Concrete

Polished & Honed Concrete

Mechanical polished concrete or MPC is one of the most sought-after finishes on the market. Beautiful, yet extremely durable. It’s typically suited as an interior finish in designer homes, showrooms, workshops & high traffic retail spaces. Our honed finishes are mainly suited for exterior areas including driveways, pool surrounds & entertaining areas. 


Floor illusions use state of the art husqvarna machinery, combined with specialist metal & resin bonded diamond tooling, chemicals & sealers. Our grinders pass over the concrete floor approximately x2-3 times initially until the desired amount of aggregate exposure is met. From here we use a proven process of chemical densification & polymer grouting between layers of grinding & polishing to refine the surface filling cracks, divots & pinholes until we meet the clients desired sheen level. Highly reflective, extremely durable & low maintenance, this finish generally lasts 10-15years. 

MPC will look amazing throughout any residential home, however is also perfectly suited for commercial buildings, retail environments and office spaces. Unlike any other flooring finish, MPC creates a dense, hard wearing & highly polished surface without the use of any topical sealants or film forming coatings. As a result, there is no  coating that will wear down over time, turn yellow or scratch like epoxy products etc (With any type of existing or renovation MPC concrete works, each project will have its own unique look, each surface will have differing amounts of aggregate exposure & coloured aggregate and the finished product will give you a completely individual look exclusive to your project).
Step #1– We offer x3 different levels of aggregate exposure. Aggregate exposure is essentially the depth or level of grinding we carry out to the concrete surface to expose the natural stones/ aggregates embedded all throughout the concrete slab.

1. Burnished/ Nil exposure finish- This is where little to none of the concrete surface is removed. Generally speaking, no aggregate will be exposed during the process but we can expose some very light sands/small stones beneath the cap in certain areas. If there is any surface undulation or imperfections in the existing concrete, these can still be present in the final results.

2. Minimal/ Medium exposure finish– We aim to remove only approx. 2-3mm off the top of the concrete slab, this finish will expose the small to medium sized aggregate & there is often minimal random exposure in some areas, while other areas may have a lot of exposure. 

3. Full/ Heavy exposure finish- We seek to remove 4-8mm from the concrete surface, this will give you the maximum amount of stone exposure possible for your floor. This is our most popular choice for existing internal slabs as we can better repair or disguise damage & existing cracks. Full exposure can sometimes give a ‘terrazzo like’ effect. 

Step #2– We offer our MPC- mechanical polished concrete in x3 different grades of gloss.. 

1.Matte/ Low sheen finish- This finish produces a low sheen or matte finish with a minimal diffused reflection of the surroundings. This finish is preferred by many designers wanting an industrial or raw material look.

2.Semi/ Mid Gloss finish- This surface has nice light reflection, a medium shine & the surroundings are reflected clearly but not crisp. Our Semi gloss finish doesn’t show much dust or dirt on its surface making it our most popular choice & perfect for high traffic areas.

3.High Gloss- This is the show stopper & has the maximum amount of shine. Surroundings & reflections will look crisp & sharp, with almost mirror-like clarity. It may  take a little more maintenance from the homeowner to keep looking beautiful.


Honed concrete is a process that is mechanically ground with our specialised grinding equipment to expose the desired amount of aggregate. Similar to mechanical polished concrete there are x3 levels of aggregate exposure you can choose from.

Understanding Hone and Seal Polished Concrete
Honed concrete is exclusively an external finish. Honed concrete uses an impregnating sealant that absorbs deep into the concrete surface. This is what gives honed concrete its outright performance in outdoor environments. Honed and sealed concrete exhibits good slip-resistance, stain resistance and durability. Typically we use a honed finish for outdoor living areas, pool surrounds, patios, driveways, and other traffic-heavy areas. 
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